I Seem to Attract the Wrong Men, So How Do I Change This?

The search for love is easier and more effortless than you think.

With the Law of Attraction, what you think, feel, and believe, creates your reality, so you simply focus on your desires and wait for the romance to manifest. If you’re constantly attracting the wrong type of man, you may not be sending out the right vibrations needed to manifest a healthy, loving relationship.

Here are the steps you should take if you want to break the cycle of dating the wrong men and start manifesting the right kind of love in your life.

Be Clear About What You Want

Start by thinking about you want in a romantic partner. While there’s no need to fixate on the tiniest details like the color of his hair, it’s better to be as clear as possible.

Just like any other manifestation, remember to focus on the positive. Many people who have experienced disappointing relationships tend to zero in on the qualities they don’t want to deal with anymore, but by fixating on the things you don’t want, the universe will only bounce these back to you, bringing you the exact things you were trying to avoid.

Instead, focus on what you’re interested in, what you are passionate about, and what makes you excited in your future partner.

What qualities will make you fall in love with him? How do you feel when you’re around him?

Make your language positive to create a positive outcome. For example, you might say, “I want a man who loves the outdoors as much as I do” instead of saying, “I don’t want a man who hates the outdoors.”

Write down your list or put together a vision board, so you have a clear and consistent picture when you visualize the man you want in your life. Every time you look at this list or vision board, you should feel good and excited about your future partner, so that you’re in complete alignment with love.

Prepare Yourself and Your Life for Mr. Right

Once you know what you want, you have to make sure that you are ready to welcome this type of man in your life. Think about the life you want to have with this person and begin aligning your reality with this vision.

If you want to share a life centered on health and fitness with your future husband, you can start clearing out your pantry by throwing out the  junk food and signing up for a gym membership.

Do you see a happy relationship making you a kinder, more confident person? Start acting the part now, so you can attract the perfect man who will encourage you to develop these qualities further in the future.

Along with becoming the person you want to be with Mr. Right, you have to make sure that there’s space in your life for a partner. This can be as simple as clearing out space in your closet, or as significant as moving to an apartment suitable for two.

When the perfect man for you finally manifests, you want him to be part of your life effortlessly, so begin getting ready for his arrival now.

Negative feelings work against the manifestation of your desires. If you are still harboring anger, resentment, or fear from past relationships, you will be attracting people that bring you the same kind of despair and you’ll be right back where you started.

Let go of any lingering negativity and insecurity from your previous relationships by acknowledging the things you’ve learned from these relationships, and being grateful that these lessons can guide you in finding a healthier and more enduring love.

Clear your living and working spaces from reminders of these relationships, whether it’s getting rid of old photographs or odd knick-knacks he left at your place. These reminders may be blocking your progress of letting go and keeping you in a state of heartbreak, as you’re trying to manifest a new partner.

When you criticize yourself, you send out negative energy that is not aligned with love.

If you believe you don’t deserve an amazing partner, the universe will reinforce this belief by not giving you one. If you treat yourself with disdain and criticism, your next partner will also behave the same way towards you.

Learn to love yourself and get rid of your insecurities by repeating positive affirmations to yourself every day: “I am worthy of love and I will find a strong and caring man who shares my passions and beliefs.”

Make a list of the things you love about yourself and look at it every day, instead of fixating on the qualities that make you feel unworthy.

When you treat yourself well, other people will take your cues and start treating you with respect and compassion, as well. When the right man comes into your life, he will shower you with the love that you expect and deserve

Trust That He Will Come Along

After a string of doomed relationships with men who are entirely wrong for you, you might be feeling detached and disheartened by the idea of love. You might even become jaded with diminishing belief in your ability to find the right man to spend your life with.

The Law of Attraction works by reflecting your thoughts back to you. If you doubt the manifestation of your one true love, more and more reasons to doubt will come along.

Don’t get stressed or give up if a potential partner hasn’t shown up yet. More importantly, avoid jumping into a relationship with a man who you know isn’t right for you just because you’re getting impatient.

Trust in this universal law and wait patiently for the man of your dreams.

Have Fun in the Present

In the meantime, don’t wait for a romance to give you reason to be happy and enjoy a life of bliss right now!

Working with the Law of Attraction is all about cultivating joy, in order to create more of it in your life, so make sure that you’re always in a positive mindset even if your desires haven’t manifested yet. Take pleasure in activities such as traveling alone or having a wild night out with your friends.

Most of all, spread love to the people around you: hug a friend, help an elderly lady cross the street, and give your mom some flowers. By being a more loving person, you attract love back into your life tenfold, and you will begin to see the Law of Attraction at work in your life!

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