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How Long Does It Take To Manifest Something In Your Life?

One of the most asked questions in relation to the law of attraction is how long manifestation takes

It is actually different for every person and for every goal. For some, manifestation may work fast, while for others, it may take a good amount of time.

Whether something manifests fast, takes months, or even years, depends on you.

It all relies on you– what you desire, how much you desire it, and what are you doing to get it.

You are the point of attraction, so having positive intentions and aspirations for your life is very powerful.

Your thoughts create your reality.

You have the choice to create something good for yourself or to just be idle where you are.

A lot of people think that the law of attraction is like a wishing well, but it is not. You cannot just simply throw a coin and then expect what you wish for to suddenly appear in front of you.

It is about understanding that your thoughts, emotions, and actions attract things to you, so if you want to manifest something, you will first need to change your actions, thoughts, and emotions, to get it.

Being Clear Is Vital

Choosing what you want to manifest should be specific and clear. This is why it is very helpful to make lists, charts, or vision boards, because these tools enable you to focus clearly on what you really want.

When you want something to manifest within a day, you have to choose something, which you believe can manifest within that period of time.

For example, you want a new house, wanting this tomorrow would not be realistic unless you actually believe that you can get a new house within 24 hours. However, you can think of the next step on your way to getting a new house, as something you can manifest within a day. This could be getting an architect to design your house, getting a loan, or even deciding a location where your house will be built.

The smaller the thing you want to manifest, the faster it will most probably happen. The bigger the thing you want to manifest, the longer the process will most probably take.

This is not always 100% true because the Universe is limitless and boundless, and you could win a sweepstakes tomorrow, and the prize could be a new house. But all in all, small things manifest quicker than big things.

And the reason for this is because once you have sent out a desire you want to manifest; the Universe immediately goes about lining up the right circumstances for it to appear in your life. So, as you can see, lining up the right circumstance to manifest $20,000,000 involves putting a lot more things in place than lining up the right circumstances for you to manifest $20.

How Much You Desire Something Matters

One thing that you should bear in mind when trying to manifest something is the degree to which you want it. You must desire it with all your heart and soul. It should be something that kicks you out of bed every morning, and makes you get that cup of coffee with a smile on your face, knowing that you are becoming closer to what you want.

Your desire should also be associated with positive feelings. There is no point in wanting something that you are not enthusiastic about. Negative feelings will just breed resistance.

One of the reasons why some people fail to manifest their desires is because they are not a vibrational match to what they want. When this happens, people often think “I am not good enough”, or “Something is wrong with me”, which then leads to “I quit” and “ It doesn’t work for me”.

The amount of enthusiasm that you are putting into what you want is heavily related to the amount of time it will take for you to get it. Take note that whenever you get mad, depressed, or impatient, because the thing you want has not manifested yet, you are actually making that thing go away.

If this is the case, your vibration becomes at a low frequency, which encourages more negativity to come towards you and your goals. On the other hand, being optimistic and patient sets your vibration at a high frequency and this encourages more positivity, and lightens up your journey to attaining your goals.

What You Are Doing To Get it Is The Key

The efforts you are exerting to achieve what you want are just as important as your feelings and thoughts about it. The more effort you give to manifesting what you want, and the more you repeat these actions, the more you align yourself with the universal flow for attracting and manifesting what you desire.

Making lists and charts are the first step, feeling so enthusiastic about whatever it is that you want is the second step, and for the third step, you need to take action.

Action is what fuels the law of attraction, so action is the most important factor in manifestation. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this step for granted.

For example, you want to have a successful business. Sitting on your couch all day and watching TV won’t make that happen. Or, staring at your business plan for weeks without doing anything to achieve it is useless. it takes commitment and consistency to manifest what you want.

All in all, you have a major influence on how long it takes to manifest something. Whether it is a brand new car, a house, a romantic relationship with someone, or a successful business, you should remember that how long it will take for you to get what you desire depends on what you want, how much you want it, and the actions you are taking to get it.

But most importantly, enjoy the journey you are on as it leads you to the desires of your heart. The clearer you are on what you want, the more enthusiastic you feel about it, and by taking action towards your goal, the faster your desires will manifest.

Relax, enjoy the process, put your 100% into it, and let the universe help you get what you want.

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