What Is The Most Important Thing About The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is becoming a more popular. Even celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger use this law to continue attracting things into their lives.

You can manifest anything you desire with the law of attraction. Whether you want a promotion, new house, more savings in the bank, or a romantic relationship, the law of attraction can help you get there. The key to working with the law of attraction is to use your thoughts and feelings to focus your positive energy on manifesting what you desire.

Many people often ask “what is the most important thing about the Law of Attraction”, and the most important thing about the Law of Attraction is actually inside of you.

But first, it is important for you to know what the Law of Attraction is.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law, which states that things of the same nature will attract each other. You are like a magnet sending feelings and thoughts out to the universe attracting  more of whatever energy you are sending out.

Quite simply, the Law of Attraction is based upon “like attracts like”.

The Main Ingredient Of The Law Of Attraction

So, what is the most important thing about the Law of Attraction?


Simply put, gratitude is being thankful. It is recognizing all of the good things you receive, and giving thanks for them, no matter how big or small they may be.

Real gratitude comes from within. However, it is not merely an emotional response, it is a choice you have to make. You can choose to be grateful and appreciate all the blessings you receive, or you can choose to be ungrateful, taking all the good things in your life for granted.

It is a mindset, which makes you see that you will always have something to be thankful for. It does not have to be something as grand as having a new car or a job promotion. It could be as small as that cute dog which made you smile on the way home or having your favorite coffee in the morning.

In addition, it is a way of living– one that you can apply through the good times, as well as the bad.

Fueling yourself with gratitude, no matter what challenges come in your way, allows you to transform your life. Where you focus your feelings, energy, motivation, and thoughts, influences you daily living.

Why Is Gratitude The Most Important Thing About The Law of Attraction?

Gratitude is the most important thing about the Law of Attraction because it shifts your perspective in life when you are focusing on all of the positive things you already have.

Without gratitude, you can get stuck in a permanent state of discontentment. Discontentment will breed a lot of negative thoughts, which then draws a lot negativity to you. But if you are grateful, you will have a positive mentality, attracting more positive things into your life.

In addition, gratitude changes your feelings scarcity to feelings of abundance. For example, let’s say you have a job that does not excite you and you want to manifest new job opportunities.

Instead of focusing on how you don’t like your job, you learn to be grateful of it. You could think how you have a salary, which gives you food to eat and a place to live while you are looking for a new job.

You’ll definitely feel better if you begin to . focus more on the good things you already have.

How To Be More Grateful

Developing gratitude is very easy and here are a few things you can do to become more grateful in life:

You can keep a journal. Because writing down the things you are thankful for whenever you feel down helps you become more aware of the positive aspects of your life.

You can start by setting aside five to ten minutes at the end of the day to list down at least five things you are grateful for.

You can think of anything from having food on your table, to having a comfortable bed to sleep in. The list can actually be endless!

Make it a habit and soon enough, gratitude will be your attitude.

Learning to express your gratitude is also important because keeping your gratitude to yourself is not enough. You have to express it because expressing your gratitude sends out a positive vibration that will attract even more positive things to you.

You can do this by writing a letter to a loved one or calling that dear friend and telling them how grateful you are to be in their lives. You can even thank nature for letting beautiful flowers bloom or the sky, for giving you rain.

Not only does expressing gratitude make you feel better, it also increases your feelings of gratitude in the long run. Plus, someone’s day will surely become brighter if you thank them!

It is also important to give back and you can do this by volunteering or donating.

Joining a cleanup drive or giving your used clothes to charity will let you see that there is a lot to be grateful for in this amazing world.

Not only will doing this open your eyes to things you might have taken for granted, but it also improves your well-being, because giving back feels good inside! And the better you feel inside, the more capability you have to feel even more gratitude.

So, go ahead and sign up for that activity with a cause!

Gratitude creates positive energy and it is the most important thing when working with the LOA.

You can begin to develop more gratitude by keeping a journal, expressing gratitude, and giving back.

Start becoming more grateful and you will see the many wonderful opportunities the Law of Attraction can bring into your life!

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