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Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Use The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the key to achieving their dreams by using your mind to attract the opportunities that you want to attract.

It’s true that working with the Law of Attraction is simple, easy, and eventually even becomes as effortless as breathing. And it’s also not something you “do” per se, but something you think, feel, and believe.

However, there is a right way to turn your dreams into reality using the power of your mind and there are steps to help usher in the manifestation of your intentions.

Meditation for Manifestation

Take time each day to sit quietly and visualize what you want to attract. The main principle behind the Law of Attraction is “like attracts like,” so it’s important that your thoughts and feelings are in complete harmony with your desires.

Think about what you want and then imagine achieving those desires right now. Make the picture in your mind so vivid and real that you could almost reach out to touch it.

Most importantly, do not picture your dream in a vague, distant future with a new and improved version of yourself, but in this exact moment of your life, as who you are right now.

For many people, mornings are ideal for their setting intentions for the day, before getting caught up in work, errands, and other responsibilities. However, there’s no one perfect time for anyone. Some people prefer meditating at night when everyone else is asleep, while others picture their dreams most vividly while doing other activities, such as running or in the shower.

Do not assume that simply wanting something is enough to make it appear out of thin air. But by using meditation, you are giving shape to your desires and preparing yourself for their inevitable arrival.

The Right Energy Is Key

The best thing about the Law of Attraction is that it puts you in the driver’s seat and in control of your destiny. What you need to learn to manifest your desire effectively is how to focus on your intentions correctly. Think of this as steering your thoughts onto the best lanes on the highway of life.

Do not let your thoughts and emotions be driven by negative emotions because fear, doubt, and insecurities can keep you stuck in the cycle of negativity. So, whether you’re hoping for a new romantic prospect or wanting  to have a healthier body, try to approach it from a posoitve state of thinking.

Turn your thoughts to the excitement of meeting a new partner and don’t dwell on the fear of being alone, or get inspired with a trip to the beach and the new bikini you’ll wear when you want to get more in shape, instead of agonizing over all the food you can’t eat on a new diet.

Producing positive vibrations ensures that what comes back to you — the things, experiences, and opportunities — will be positive as well.

Make the Environment Work for You

The Law of Attraction is a self-fulfilling principle, but creating a space that aligns with your intentions will make your manifestations immeasurably easier.

For example, if you’re visualizing a healthier body, it’s better to live in a home where you’re not constantly surrounded by sweets and junk food. If you’re dreaming of becoming a professional surfer, it’s easier to do so if you live near the beach. Waiting for the right business opportunity? Begin saving up money, so you’re ready to invest when it comes along.

The power of your mind is incredible, but it is more powerful when your dreams are in harmony with your physical reality.

So begin changing your thoughts, making it effortless for your dream life to begin to manifest right now.

This also ensures that once the opportunity for happiness, love, or fortune hits, you’ll be in the best position to embrace it. Prepare not just yourself to receive your desires, but also your surroundings, so you can enjoy it wholeheartedly when it finally shows up.

Be Persistent

One of the reasons why people fall short of making the Law of Attraction work for them is due to their lack of persistence. In modern times, many of us are used to instant gratification. In contrast, the energy from your thoughts and emotions can take time to manifest into reality.

For people who are only just beginning to work with the Law of Attraction, it can be discouraging not to see results after a week of visualizing their desires.

So, without immediate fulfillment, their confidence in the law can falter and doubt starts to creep in. As these types of negative feelings grow within you, they eventually block the vibrations that you put out into the world, working against your conscious intentions.

So, don’t give up. Trust in the process, and be patient that your desires will manifest into reality. Relax into knowing that all the things that align with your positive vibrations and beliefs are falling into place. It’s just takes a little time.

Remember, the universe works on its timeframes, not ours!

Embrace Gratitude for What You Already Have

Finally, don’t let the pursuit of your dreams keep you from appreciating everything the universe has already provided for you.

You may have manifested the dreams you’ve intended yet, but since an important key to the Law of Attraction is “like attracts like”, being thankful of the existing good fortune in your life goes a long way.

Gratitude is a powerful energy in itself, so practicing gratitude every day not only helps you focus on the brighter side of life, but it also creates positive vibrations that help attract more of it into your life.

So, a daily gratitude journal is a popular way of keeping track of the things you are thankful for.. Regardless of how your gratitude is conveyed, make sure you learn to express genuine gratitude for a life of abundance and blessings.

Then soon, more of it is bound to come your way.

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