How Your Mind Is the Biggest Obstacle to Manifesting Your Desires

You mind can either be your greatest ally or your most stubborn foe, especially in the practice of manifesting your desires.

Remember, working with the Law of Attraction means using your mind to attract the things, people, and experiences, you want.

You may not be aware of it, but your mind may be nursing negativity and if your thoughts and beliefs are negative, the universe will respond by giving you more of the same.

Here are the different ways your mind can be working against you and preventing you from successfully attracting your desires into reality.

Focusing on the Bad Things

When you’ve gotten used to misfortune and even mundane setbacks, you begin to expect negativity every time you step outside your door. Your mind becomes trained to pay more attention to the negative side of everything, while the good things that occur remain unnoticed and undervalued.

For example, during a morning commute, some passengers grumble that the train is too cramped or the rails too jerky, while others are grateful that the subway is taking them faster to their destination than a cab or the bus.

Which type of train passenger are you? If you’re more like the first one, it may be time for a shift in perspective.

When working with the Law of Attraction, it’s your good thoughts that attract good things. If you’re determined to see the bad, it’s all you’re ever going to see and receive from the universe.

How to overcome it: Simply trying to see good things in your life can go a long way in keeping your mind focused on the positive.

Keep a gratitude journal and resolve to take note of three wonderful things each day, whether it’s a major milestone, like a marriage proposal, or something simple like a compliment from a colleague. This practice will train you to recognize and acknowledge the good fortune you’ve already received.

In the face of unpleasant events, such as a client criticizing your work or your car breaking down, don’t let your good mood spiral down. Instead, take criticisms as constructive feedback that can take your work to new heights.

Random misfortunes like a flat tire or a busted engine may just be the push you need to test drive and purchase the new SUV you’ve been eyeing.

A negative mindset can take some time and patience to reverse, but it takes just a little bit of practice and commitment.

Once you get into the habit of acknowledging all the good things around you, it will be more and more natural for you to focus on positivity, instead of fixating on all the things that’s going wrong.

Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

At times, your mind can work against your intentions by holding on to limiting beliefs, which are deep-seated doubts about yourself or the universe, which prevents you from believing you can truly attract what you want.

One very common limiting belief is that you don’t deserve the desires that you’re trying to manifest. Whether you want love or career accomplishments, thinking that you’re not good enough to achieve these things will only assure sure they are always out of your reach.

Another limiting belief is that there is a finite supply of everything in the universe, from money, to job opportunities, to fame. If you think there’s not enough to go around and someone else is always going to take what you want away from you, your reality will begin to reflect this exact scenario and you’ll end up with nothing!

Finally, it’s a widely-accepted belief that success only comes through long years of backbreaking work, painful sacrifices, and suffering.

It’s true that the manifestation of your desires should align with your actions, but if you don’t find joy in the work you are doing, you will not manifest a future of fulfillment and positivity.

These limiting beliefs may have been taught to you while you were growing up or they may have been acquired through bad experiences, but they can be reversed so that you’re not stuck in a self-defeating mindset forever.

How to overcome it: Work on your self-confidence.

Address your negative beliefs about yourself by asking yourself: “Why do I think little of myself?” and “ When and where did the self-doubt start?”. Then, list down all the reasons why these negative beliefs aren’t true.

Positive affirmations also help in making you believe your worth and increasing your confidence, as you attract what you want into your life. Remind yourself daily that you have the power to shape your reality by working with the Law of Attraction.

Doubt in the Law of Attraction

People who are just starting to work with the Law of Attraction are particularly prone to doubting the Law of Attraction, especially if they are unsuccessful in their first attempt of attracting their desires.

Many try to use the Law of Attraction without truly understanding what it is. It’s a law that reveals the natural ebb and flow of the universe and state that “like attracts like”. So, that whatever you think, feel, and believe, will attract more of that it into your reality.

This means that the Law of Attraction is not something that “works” or “doesn’t work,” but is a fixed state in reality.

If your mind lacks belief in this universal law, the universe only will give you more experiences that support your doubt.

How to overcome it: Trust in the universe and expect the manifestation of your desires.

Impatience may be the root of your doubts, since you are failing to see the manifestation of your desires within a given period of time.

Since most people are used to relying on their actions to get what they want instead of their minds, the waiting game can be causing frustration and doubt.

You have to understand that the Law of Attraction is always at work, even when you can’t see the results. Ask the universe for what you want, be positive, and have faith that your desires are on their way to you.

In the meantime, indulge in activities that you enjoy to keep your vibrations high and positive. Seek out materials that motivate you, such as self-help books, motivational podcasts and videos, and success stories of people who work with the Law of Attraction.

These materials can keep you focused on remaning positive and reinforce the power of your own mind.

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