What is the LOA

How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

In many respects, The Law Of Attraction works like a mirror of our hearts and minds, although it is a little more expansive than just a mirror.

Energy is what makes the universe exist.

In fact, everything that exists in the universe is made of energy, including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wishes, desires, along with our deepest most feelings about ourselves.

The idea that The Law of Attraction mirrors our thoughts and then projects them out into the universe is exactly how this law works.

But where do our thoughts come from?

Do our thoughts influence the world around us, or does the world around us set up the scenarios from which our thoughts form themselves?

Well, they are inter-connected. Neither the world can escape the influence we have on it, nor can we escape the influence the world has on us.

The Universe Is A Paradox

To understand this concept, think of the internet. The amount of data, content, and ideas grow exponentially by the day, while at the same time, it brings more and more people together. This is how the universe works – it is expanding into infinity while coming into unity at the same time.

So, what does this concept have to do with The Law of Attraction?

The truth is, this concept has everything to do with the Law of Attraction because nothing happens without a reason and the string of causality can only bring us what we relate to. In a way it is how universe organizes itself – birds of feather flock together.

At the same time, while being drawn to what is likened to us, we are being driven by the desire for novelty, which leads the universe to evermore expansion. To have novelty, there needs to be contrast between what is and experiencing contrast makes us wanting to move further.

The experience of contrast gives rise to desire.

Contrast always exists between different layers of the universe which vibrate on different frequencies. Beings with similar vibration are pulled towards each other, while different vibrations don`t naturally coexist in same space. Higher vibrations feel lighter and more loving, while lower vibrations make us feel more heavy and are generally more unpleasant.

This is all unclear, please rewrite this clearer. Better to use a different concept.

Higher vibrations move us closer to Source.

Having a higher vibration also makes manifesting much easier, because the closer you are to the Source, the easier it is to work in alignment with it. Everything in the universe carries a vibration and all vibration has a certain type of energy allocated to it.

The universe has an infinite abundance of energy and it can be molded into anything.

When we create, we create out of energy. As stated earlier, it starts with desire. The stronger the desire, the more energy it carries with it. The Source simply assists us and helps us expand the energy level we already vibrate at.

All we do, carries a vibrational energy.

From the creative process it looks like this: the vibration of our desire is followed by the vibration of our belief. The belief will either lead us to allow the desired outcome or keep us from it, if our vibration does not match the desired outcome.

To realize our desire, we must vibrationally match the desired outcome.

For as long as we do not vibrate on the same level as what we want, we cannot have it in our experience. Instead, we experience what we vibrate, be it pleasant or unpleasant.

Our vibration however can and does change, and even though usually the changes are small, it is possible to change our vibration radically. Usually it takes some time though and the easiest way is to move in small steps toward our goals. As one can`t build a decent house overnight, we usually are unable to change our vibration to different levels too quickly.

Once we do change our vibration however, we will have changed our reality. As we change our vibration, the changes are instantaneous. Changing vibration means changing the belief, which is to change the feeling. Since the Source is always guiding us, we always feel as we move closer or further from our destination.

The path to realizing our desire is a vibrational one. Having that in mind, the work becomes to only raise your frequency. This is why it is important to surround ourselves with positive vibrations as much as we can and do things we love to do. The more we do this, the better we feel and the closer we get to our desire. The closer we get, the more we believe and vice versa.

Feeling good fosters the belief and moves us closer to our desire.

Feeling good doesn`t feel too much like work, does it? And believe or not, that`s a good thing! Life is supposed to be joyous, and if we can believe that we will live a joyous life!

There is a reason for it – the universe loves novelty. The sole meaning for expansion is to create joy, and the Source wants us to be happy, because when we are happy, we create it all around us as we are intimately connected. Moving to higher vibrations is an expansion in itself and we are naturally drawn to it.

The first step will always lead to the right direction, because the Source is always calling us. We know where we are by our vibration and what lies around us and we will always know where to go and what to do from how we feel. As we get closer to what we want, we feel better and better until it already feels completely natural part of our lives.

This is how The Law Of Attraction really works.

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