How Do I Stay Positive Around Negative People?

Positivity is the key to working with the Law of Attraction by focusing on joyful thoughts and feelings, in order to manifest more of the same in your life.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you train your mind to see the glass as half-full, there will be people in your life who will keep telling you that it’s very nearly empty.

These pessimistic people could be close family members, colleagues, or friends, perhaps even a stranger on the train and their bad attitudes can have a negative impact on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And if you’re constantly around them, their toxicity can begin to affect your ability to stay focused on the positive.

So, is there a way to remain positive in the presence of people negative people?

The answer is “yes”, because while you’re not responsible for other people’s actions, you can control yours. Here are a few techniques to help you cope with negative people and maintain positive thoughts and feelings around them.

Shift the Conversation to Positive Things

A conversation is a two-way street between two or more people, which means that any positive or negative energy in the exchange is shared between you and the person you are talking to.

If you egage in nagative conversation with someone who is angry, agitated, or judgemental, you are only encouraging them to continue along a negative train of thought.

But just as another person’s negativity affects you, your positivity can also affect theirs.

Instead of agreeing with the negative sentiments, arguing, or asking more questions, try shifting the conversation to more pleasant topics such as shared hobbies, common friends, and happy anecdotes.

Not only will keeping conversations light and optimistic prevent any negativity from affecting you, it will also cheer up and help your friend look at the brighter side of life.

If your companion’s negativity is caused by a serious problem, focus the conversation on finding potential solutions, rather than dwelling on the anger or sadness. The vision of better days can do wonders for your friend’s mindset and attract more happiness into their life, too.

Respond With Positivity

The only way to beat negativity is by embracing positivity, so when someone comes at you with anger or criticisms, respond with patience, respect, and warmth.

If you yell back or insult the person attacking you, your response will only enrage him even further, which will also have the same effect on you. By choosing to keep your responses calm and respectful, you prevent the aggression from escalating and end the cycle of negativity.

Happy people attract other happy people, so resolve to be more joyful in your day-to-day interactions, as well. Smile more at work and express your appreciation and love when you’re with your family and friends. Be generous in complimenting other people, from the barista at your favorite café, to a co-worker who just got a great haircut.

Becoming a more positive person every day will help you draw more positive people into your life, so that you’re not always surrounded by those who bring your spirits down.

Focus on Yourself

You may not be able to control how other people think, speak, and react, but you can control how you think, speak, and react to them.

Remember that the Law of Attraction gives YOU the ability to change your life for the better. You have the power to change the way you think and to manifest your desires into reality, so don’t let other people affect your energy negatively.

When you’re around someone who is making you feel angry or agitated, look inwards and focus on making your thoughts, feelings, and reactions more positive. Whether you are the subject of harsh criticisms or simply bearing witness to another person’s unhappiness, be confident in the knowledge that you can shape your life to whatever you want it to be.

Is your group of friends complaining non-stop about their significant others or their jobs? Remind yourself of all the things going right in your own relationship or workplace.

If your partner is stressing out over all the bills your family has to pay, visualize additional money coming your way and relax into the expectations of the finances you need will be manifesting when you need it.

Practice Gratitude

After spending time with unpleasant or unhappy people, take some time to be grateful for the positive experiences these people have shared with you over the years.

Find a memory that reminds you of the good things that they have brought into your life, so that the bitterness or animosity from being around them, gives way to more pleasant thoughts.

At the very least, be thankful that interacting with negative people gives you the chance to strengthen your resolve for positivity.

In the wake of negative people and experiences, it can be challenging to remember all the wonderful things that surround you, but it’s extremely important to keep thinking positive thoughts and having positive feelings to manifest your desires.

Make it a habit to practice gratitude regularly, whether you prefer writing down all the things you’re grateful for in a journal or by simply making a deliberate effort to acknowledge them in your mind throughout the day.

When working with the Law of Attraction, acknowledging all of the desires you’ve already attracted will draw even more joy and positivity into your life.

 Walk Away From Negativity

In the presence of negatvie people, if you find yourself unable to shift your attention away from toxic negativity, don’t be afraid to leave and spend some time alone.

Give yourself some time and go to a quiet place where you can regroup and steer clear of the aggression from other people. Instead of engaging with the negativity, text a friend who makes you feel better, or listen to uplifting music to turn your thoughts and emotions back to a more positive state.

It’s not always possible to walk away,  especially when you’re in the middle of a business meeting or a family reunion, but leaving the negative space is one of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to avoid negativity.

In some situations, such as toxic relationships that are only bringing you stress and insecurity, the best option is walking away permanently.

When you understand the Law of attracrtion, you realize that ultimately, the power to release the negativity and embrace the positivity is entirely in your hands.




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