How Do I Let Go of Negativity?

Negativity is a heavy and terrible burden.

Think of negativity as skeletons in your mind, collected from different stages in your life and darkening your days with its presence.

When working with the Law of Attraction, you use your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to create your reality. If your mind is clouded with negative things, you will keep attracting more of these things that cause you to suffer and you become imprisoned in a cycle of negativity.

Whether your negative thinking is caused by your own actions or someone else’s, it’s important to let go of the negativity and embrace a more positive outlook, in order to manifest more good things in your life. The process of letting go can be challenging, but it’s easier with these simple, yet effective ways to release negativity that’s been weighing you down.

Put Your Pain Into Words

The urge to ignore your inner turmoil can be tempting, but simply pushing it to the back of your mind will not make the negativity disappear. By allowing your skeletons to linger in your life, you are keeping yourself from finding true and lasting peace of mind.

Instead of trying to live without addressing the negativity, put your thoughts and feelings into words. The process of writing can be a healing experience, as you are able to express your emotions and prevent them from being bottled up inside of your mind.

When you write, you are also able to clearly see and reflect on the things causing your negativity. With your newfound clarity, you become better equipped to embrace a more positive way of life.

If you prefer talking to writing, you can seek out a therapist or even just a good friend to listen and support you, as you make sense of what you are feeling. A friend can even provide advice and input, although the power and responsibility of self-empowerment ultimately lies in you.

Cleanse Your Living Spaces

Decluttering is an important part of letting go, since negative energy tends to become trapped in the old, dusty objects you’ve accumulate over the years. By holding on to physical possessions that are associated with negative experiences, you remain linked to them, being constantly reminded of the anger and pain.

So, give away or throw out the things that provoke negative memories in you and start with a clean slate.

Make sure your home and workspace is bright and neat, so that it’s a place that facilitates joyful thoughts and experiences. Design your spaces with colors and décor that make you feel good, and open the windows to release the negative energy that’s been stuck so long inside.

Find Peace in Meditation

Meditation is an opportunity to relax in the moment and detach from the buzz of your thoughts, so that you can maintain a positive vibration frequency. The peaceful state of mind achieved during a regular meditation practice will have lasting effects on your well-being, from easing your anxiety, to helping you letting go of your stress.

Some meditation practices work specifically to release negative energy from your mind and body, such as imagining the negativity seeping out of your body in the form of smoke or dark clouds.

Find a quiet space where you can sit unbothered for a few moments, as you meditate. You can dedicate a particular section of your room to your meditation practice and fill it with things that foster a feeling of peace in you, such as soothing music and photographs of nature.

Meditate regularly to continue nurturing peace in your every day life and to train your mind to let go of lingering negativity.

Steer Clear of People Who Reinforce Negativity

The people around you influence your life every day, but their impact can be both good and bad. Family and friends who are optimistic, supportive, and patient with you will help you cope with stress and adversity, while those who are selfish, critical, and distrustful will only reinforce the same feelings in you.

At the workplace, notice how a single person complaining about their boss will cause another person to chime in and set off an unending chain of criticisms.

Take yourself out of the chain and step away once you sense the conversation is taking a turn for the worse, so that you don’t find yourself stuck in a negative mindset in the office.

With a romantic partner who is constantly criticizing you, try to create a healthier dynamic with communication, compromise, and empathy. If the relationship fails to improve, or your partner resists your efforts to become a more positive person, learn to recognize the right time to seek time away or maybe to let go for good.

Just as positive people seek out each other and build each other up with positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, negative people gravitate towards other negative people and keep themselves in the same cycle of negativity.

Choose the right companions to surround yourself with, so that you can cultivate positive energy that will manifest all your desires.

Recognize What You Learned From Negative Experiences

While it’s challenging to appreciate the good things that have emerged from unpleasant things or the negatvie people in your life, one benefit that you should always recognize is that these negative experiences helped you to become a stronger and smarter person.

Focus on the knowledge you’ve gained from a bad breakup or an unsatisfying career move, then let these lessons guide you towards a happier and more fulfilling path.

It’s easier to accept and move on from a troubled experience if you know it helped you shape a blissful future.

When working with the Law of Attraction, the events that happened are not as important as your thoughts and feelings, so if you feel confident and optimistic about your life, regardless of past events, your reality will manifest in positive ways.

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not successful in releasing your negative thoughts and emotions right away. When you’ve been burdened by anger, fear, and sorrow for so long, it can take some time for you to get used to letting go.

Be grateful for each day and celebrate your progress, no matter how small it is.

Use positive affirmations to strengthen your resolve and boost your self-confidence. An affirmation could be as simple as, “I deserve happiness and love,” or something more specific, such as, “I am confident in my own skin and I have the power to make my dreams come true.”

Focusing on the good things you’ve done and your personal strength will be the beginning of your course to a more positive mindset.  And always remember the Laws of Attraction is always working for you!

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