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How Do I Know The Law Of Attraction Will Work?

The Law of Attraction is an amazing tool that is available to you every day of your life. It’s just waiting on you to use it.  It’s easy and requires very little effort on your part.

There are some people that use it automatically, either consciously or unconsciously, and positive things just always seem to happen for them, whenever they want.

For example, have you ever met someone who just seems to have the Midas touch? They dream big, always expect the best outcomes, and usually achieve amazing results.

There are people in all walks of life who have achieved amazing success. They could be business people, musicians, actors, authors, etc. There are just some people who have the mindset of, “Of course, I will achieve my goals!”.

They are using, quite effectively, the Law of Attraction. And you too, can also have success in attracting whatever it is you want in your life.

How do you know it will work for you?

Let’s face it, the only way for you to know is to try it.

Start by picking one thing that you want. It can be anything.

After you’ve decided what you’d like to attract into your life, the next step is to focus on speaking and thinking positively about what you want.

Then visualize all the details of what it is your desire to manifest and make sure to be specific in all the details of what you are wanting to manifest.

And then, believe it will happen.

Those are the steps! It really is that easy!

Now, in order to try to make this a bit easier to understand, let’s look at an example.

Let’s Try It

Let’s say your goal is to buy a brand, new car. You want one that is top of the line, with all the bells and whistles, in your favorite color, and you want to be able to buy it, in cash, within 12 months.

In order to try out the Law of Attraction for yourself, with the goal of manifesting your dream car, follow these steps:

Go to the car dealership, and with your phone, take a picture of the car you are wanting to buy. Then imagine owning that car and what it would feel like to own it.

Now, get in the car and sit in it for a while. Pay attention to all of the functions on the dashboard, the buttons for the radio, adjust the mirrors so they are in the correct position specifically for you. Adjust the seat so your legs are at the exact length you need them to be to comfortably reach the pedals.

Now, take a test drive in the car. Drive it around and imagine how happy you’ll be when it’s yours. Imagine this will be the very car that will take you to work, drive you around town, and see yourself going on vacation driving this exact car.

Next, notice how you feel after this experience. You will probably feel excited and energized after the test drive of your dream car. You will most likely smiling from ear to ear!

Remember this feeling!

When you get home, print out the picture of the car and place it somewhere that you see it several times a day. You will also have the image on your phone, so you can also look at it at any time, too.

Each time you look at the image, it will make you feel happy and excited because you’re focusing on something you really want. That feeling you are feeling is what will make this car become a reality for you.

That feeling is the key to manifesting any desire you have I including this car!

Spend some time every day looking at the picture of the car and remembering how you felt when you drove it. Specifically focus on the feelings you felt when you looked at it, and while you were driving it.

When you think about this car and talk about this car, talk about it in the present tense, as if you already own it. Refer to it as “your car”.

Look For The Signs

How do you know things are starting to happen?

Look for the signs.

The signs might be subtle at first. You might be reading through a magazine, and there it is, your dream car, in a full-page ad, with a picture and a listing of all of the features of the car.

Or maybe you are driving down the road and you pass the same car – in your favorite color. Or, you may hear a friend discussing this particular make and model of car.


There is no coincidence! It’s a subtle little wink from the Universe letting you know that it hears you.

Some signs may not be specifically related to the car directly. You might receive an unexpected bonus. You could get an unexpected check from a relative. Money itself may mysteriously start to accumulate, seemingly out of the blue.

Although what you want to manifest is your dream car, or whatever you want to manifest, you will also experience other residual effects when working with the Law of Attraction.

Because you are focusing on thinking positive thoughts your positive attitude will also spill over into other parts of your life.

You will start to think more positively about life in general and you will also find yourself feeling more peaceful, and you will find that you are more excited about your life than you have been in some time. You will find that you even sleep better at night.

Ultimately as you are creating positive energy around yourself, at the same time, you are also sending it that same positive energy out into the Universe.

Remember, positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy. This is the Law of Attraction in a nutshell. This law is working all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.

So, take the time to examine at your life, and see where you want to make some improvements because you have the power to apply the Law of Attraction and manifest anything you desire.

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