How Do I Attract What I Want Into My Life?

The Law of Attraction is a reminder that the power of shaping your life is entirely in your hands.

Many people have found success using this powerul law for attracting the things they want in their lives, but if you’re still struggling to do the same, you might be neglecting some of the positive habits necessary to produce the things and experiences you are dreaming of.

Here are seven important steps that you can implement every day to begin exercising your power of manifesting your desires into your reality.

Know What You Want and Ask the Universe

The first step to attracting your desires is to identify what it is that you want and making your request as detailed as possible. Details give shape to your desires, so that the universe will be clear what it needs to return back to you.

Some people tend to be vague with what they want, such as saying they want a car and getting surprised when they get a decades-old jalopy with a sputtering engine. Others say they want money, then end up finding a measley $10 bill in their back pocket.

Once you’re sure about what it is exactly you want, put it out to the universe. Ask for it through prayer or a written letter, then relax in the confidence that it’s on its way to manifesting.

Visualize and Use Your Imagination

Visualization is the cornerstone of effective manifestation, as it lets you imagine the experience of getting what you want. Imagination is what helps you to manifest your desires  when working with the Law of Attraction.

Spend a couple of minutes each day visualizing what you want to attract and let your imagination run wild with all the details.

When you want to meet the man of your dreams, run the potential scenario in your mind and use all your senses to make the visualization come to life.

The clearer your vision is, the more aligned your mind becomes to your desires, and the more prepared you will be in receiving them.

Align Your Actions With Your Desires

Take your visualizations a step further by actually acting and living “as if” your desires have already manifested.

When you want to manifest financial abundance, begin getting into mindset of a rich person by indulging yourself in small luxuries such as a daily espresso from that fancy café by your office, or a massage in a spa after a busy work week.

If what you’re envisioning is getting in better shape in the next few months, buy a pair of jeans that’s one size smaller than what you are right now.

The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like”, so when you think, feel, and act “as if”, you’re already in possession of all your desires. It’s then just a mtter of time until the universe will deliver your desires into your life.

Be Joyful and Surround Yourself With Positivity

Keeping your vibrations high is the key in attracting the things you want. Stay joyful and practice gratitude, so that the energy you’re sending into the universe is pure positivity, which will allow you to attract more of the same.

Start a gratitude journal to acknowledge the good things in your life and spend some time doing activities you enjoy every day, such as yoga, playing games, or watching your favorite television show.

When you come home, make sure you’re in a bright and peaceful environment where you can find comfort at the end of a long day.

The people around you matter as well, so choose your partners and friends wisely. Toxic relationships can create chaos, resentment, and self-doubt in your mind, so it’s important to spend your time with people who make you smile and inspire you to be a more positive person.

Remember, cultivate the thoughts and feelings that you want to attract. Being angry or miserable will only attract more anger and misery into your life, so focus on the positive as much as you can.

Trust the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is constantly at work. This natural law is simply how the universe operates: what you focus on is what you attract.

Therefore,  doubt only manifests more reason for doubt in your life. If you’re just going through the motions and you don’t truly believe that you can manifest your desires, the universe will respond by sending you things that keep you in that mindset.

Instead, relax and be delighted that your desires are already making their way to you. If you’re just beginning to work with the Law of Attraction for the first time, build up your confidence by attracting a few of the smaller things you want, such as a good parking spot or a phone call from a close friend.

Clear Out Limiting Beliefs

Just as you trust in the Law of Attraction, you have to be confident in your own worth and believe that you deserve to receive everything you want.

Doubt fosters more doubt and if you don’t believe you can achieve financial abundance, career success, or a loving relationship, than these negative emotions can block the manifestations of your desires.

Shower yourself with unconditional love and patience by using positive affirmations that remind you that you’re valuable and deserving of everything you want. Remember that with the Law of Attraction, your power over your own life is limitless.

Limiting beliefs also include your own deep-seated beliefs and attitudes towards the things you’re trying to manifest.

One example of blcoking your desries is when you are wanting to attract more wealth, but you are secretly thinking that money only comes through long years of ambition and toil.

It’s important to let go of these sabatoging beliefs and develop a more positive attitude towards money to manifest more of it in your life.

Once you realize that there’s nothing standing between you and your desires, the universe will respond at once and the Law of Attraction will begin to work for you, and not against you.

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