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How Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract Money

When people are introduced to the Law of Attraction and the idea of attracting their desires into their lives, most people are usually eager to start working with the law by manifesting more money and living a life of abundance.

Financial wealth is one of the most common desires in the world, which is not surprising, since having plenty of cash allows you to bankroll many of your material desires, such as an exotic vacation abroad or a luxurious home in the most coveted areas in your city.

These following techniques can not only help you succeed in manifesting your financial desires, but they will also help you overcome the habits that are holding you back, and get you started on living the life of luxury you are dreaming about.

Set Specific Desires and Intentions

Some people want a pot full of money without a vision of what they will use it for, while others simply want the luxury of never having to worry about money again. Both of these desires are vague and ineffective for manifesting money, because to attract what you want, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you want.

Make sure that when you set your desires and intentions for wealth, you are crystal clear about what you want, what you need it for, and what it means to you.

For example, what are you going to do with the money and how can this money make you happy? When you imagine yourself in the lap of luxury, what does that world look like?

Financial abundance can mean paying off your mortgage and buying a vacation house by the beach. It could mean opening the doors for a year abroad or a collection of luxury cars in your garage. For some people. wealth could mean earning a specific amount each year, so that they and their family could live comfortably.

Once you’ve identified what it is you really want, you can determine exactly how much money you need for your desires.

It can be difficult to imagine “millions of dollars” coming your way, but once you have a specific amount and a purpose for the cash, the process of visualization becomes much clearer and more concrete.

When you determine a specific money amount, always say, “I want $____________ or more because you never want to limit yourself!

More About Positive Intentions

When working with the Law of Attraction, what you feel is what you attract. So, your feelings should be in total harmony with what you desire. So, you have to think and feel positively towards wealth in order to manifest it into your reality.

For many people, the subject of money is often the cause of great anxiety. But when you’re trying to manifest more money in your life, the thoughts and feelings towards ahving more wealth should not be fear and panic.

If the desperation to pay the mortgage or the fear of scarcity is driving your desires, you will only attract more of these feelings into your life.

Instead, it’s better to take a more childlike approach to money and to embrace the excitement of riches coming your way as you visualizehaving more of it.

Think of how a young child feels when he finds a nickel on the street: the child feels delighted and enthusiastic. Try to become just as eager and happy as you await the arrival of your wealth and you will attract the financial abundance that gives you these same joyful feelings.

Believe In Your Power and Worth

Many people want money, but not everybody wholeheartedly believes that they can achieve all the wealth they desire. These insecurities can stem from a number of things, such as growing up in poverty, associating great wealth with selfishness, or believing that money is limited and can only be earned through long years of hard work.

If you’re thoughts and feelings about wealth are full of doubt, you will only manifest more of what you doubt, fear, or believe into your life .

Begin by learning to let go of your limiting beliefs about money. By embracing your own power, you can visualize the finances you desire and relax into the assurance that the money you desire is on its way.

Master Your Visualizations

Visualization is an essential element of manifestation, so you should focus on creating powerful and clear visualizations in your pursuit of wealth.

Imagine holding all the money you need and want in your hand, then see yourself counting the bills, one by one, and appreciating each dollar bill as you place it on the table in front of you. Make your visualization so real that you can feel the notes on your fingertips and hear the soft rustle of the bills as you set them down.

One technique to enhance your visualizations and increase your positive vibrations towards money is by holding and smelling crisp, new bills, as you visualize your abundant future.

Money has a very distinct scent and it’s important to associate the smell of money with positive feelings, including appreciation for all the wealth you’re expecting to come your way.

As you bask in this vision of your new affluence, let the joy and triumph of financial success wash over you, and get into the feeling of “as if” it has already happened.

The core principle of the Law of Attraction is “like attracts like,” so it’s crucial to begin living a life of abundance NOW to manifest it into reality.

This is not about spending money you don’t have, but preparing for the life you’re envisioning when you do manifest the finances.

Begin setting up your wealthy lifestyle by making a comprehensive list of all the things you’re planning to buy, then splurging on one or two items during your next trip to the mall.

This could be as simple as a nice brunch at a newly-opened café downtown or a beautiful silk blouse that makes you feel like a million bucks. If these small things make you think and feel more affluent, this will go a long way towards manifestation.

You can also begin to plan for major purchases by browsing online for a house for sale in your dream neighborhood or test driving a luxury vehicle that you’ve been eyeing. Or you can start making arrangements for your dream vacation by drawing up an itinerary and flagging potential flights.

These concrete plans make the money more real to you here and now, which allows you to enter a state of mind of abundance and wealth.

Live the life you want and the universe will respond by reflecting it back to you and soon you will see the Law of Attraction at work in your own life.

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