Do Affirmations Work?

Everything vibrates, and there is scientific evidence to back this up, and this is the basis for te Law of Attraction! When you wake up in the morning refreshed feeling amazing from a good night’s sleep, you send out positive vibrations.

However, there are times when you wake up and feeing down. But take heart! There is a way for you eliminate all that bad energy and be more open to the blessings the universe has in store for you.

The way for you to eliminate negative feelings is through using positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations can make you feel great about yourself, shift your perspective, and save you from having a bad day.

But do affirmations really work? This is a question many of people ask.

And the answer is, “Yes, affirmations work!”.

A lot of people have changed their lives, thanks to positive affirmations. And you can change your life through positive affirmations, too.

What Are Affirmations?

In order to use positive affirmations properly, you must first understand what affirmations are. When used on a daily basis while focusing on the Law of Attraction, you will see amazing changes in your life!

Positive affirmations are sentences used to affirm something to be true. They are statements used to describe what you want to be, or how you want your life to be, in a way that affirms that what you desire is already happening.

Positive affirmations are repeated in order to change the way you feel about yourself, or the way you look at your life. Positive affirmations are in present tense and always starts with “I am…”

Repeating affirmations regularly will eventually result in the change that you want to happen in your life.

Where Did Positive Affirmations Come From?

Affirmations are closely linked to mantras, which have been used since ancient times. Mantras are repeated syllables or phrases that are either spoken or unspoken. Repeating a mantra is to create extreme focus on the idea of the mantra.

Similarly, the purpose of repeating positive affirmations is to rewire the negativity in our subconscious mind, transform it, and create pathways for new positive thoughts.

Why Do Affirmations Work?

Words are very powerful, and this power should never be underestimated. Even one positive affirmation can plant a seed of thought in your mind and if this seed is watered properly, your thoughts will continue to grow and manifest in your life.

If you want to change your life, positive affirmations come in handy. This is because all changes start with your thoughts.

Just like the Law of Attraction, positive affirmations have a powerful impact on your subconscious mind, because affirmations can change the negative thought patterns that have accumulated in your mind over time.

Repeating the same positive affirmations on a daily basis will eventually result in the belief it will happen. Once those beliefs become ingrained deep into your subconscious mind, your desires will begin to manifest.


When Can I Use Affirmations?

Positive affirmations can be used when you want to increase your self-esteem, when you want to overcome negative thoughts, and when you feel unmotivated to reach your goals.

Raising your self-esteem starts with accepting and loving yourself wholeheartedly. When you start loving yourself, you develop a deeper sense of trust and this trust then leads you to having a deeper connection with yourself.

When you have this deeper connection with yourself, you recognize how worthy you are, knowing that you deserve all the love and care from yourself and people around you.

Creating this deeper connection with yourself can be accomplished through positive affirmations. You can say to yourself, “I love myself wholeheartedly and I accept who I am.” Saying this will align your mind with the belief that you love yourself, thus, increasing your self-esteem.

Having negative thoughts can hold you back from having the amazing life you’ve always wanted. Negative thoughts get imbedded into the mind, so to change them, you have to transform your thoughts into positive ones, which can be accomplished through positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations have the power to transform your thoughts because repeating positive affirmations also makes your brain focus on believing in the positive things in life. Once your brain believes in the positive things, negativity will naturally exit from your life.

Positive affirmations also serve as a crucial tool in staying on track to achieving your goals in life. When you feel unmotivated, positive affirmations will enable you to keep pushing through by affirming that you have the capability to achieve your goals and that each day moves you closer to reaching them.

Daily positive affirmations also serve as a reminder of how far you have come. When you are reminded of how far you’ve come, you will be encouraged and will continue stepping forward until you reach your destination.

Examples Of Positive Affirmations

There are a lot of positive affirmations you can try. You can even make up some of your own! Just make sure that your statements are in the present tense, totally positive, and make you feel better when you say or think about them.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations you can start practicing now:

“I am perfectly healthy.”

“I am receiving financial abundance through expected or unexpected ways.”

“I am happy, and I truly love myself.”

“I am worthy of love and success.”

“I am living a fulfilled life with my loving partner.”

“I am an empowered person with the capability to change my life.”

After seeing some examples of positive affirmations, you can now set aside some time in the morning to repeat your positive affirmations. You can repeat your them as much as you want and remember, the more you repeat your affirmations, the more they become imbedded in your mind.

Affirmations definitely work, and by repeating these simple sentences on a daily basis, you will have the power to transform your life. Increasing your self-esteem, overcoming negative thoughts, and reaching your goals, will be easier once you start using positive affirmations.

Starting your journey on the Law of Attraction by using positive affirmations will definitely change your life for the better!

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